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The Wolf Creek Board of Directors is compromised of volunteers from the Wolf Creek Property Owners Association. The Board usually meets once a month. Each Board member serves a two-year term. If you would like to attend a board meeting, contact Bob Rohde at or at the number below for information on where and when to attend. If you would like to speak at the meeting, you will need to get on the agenda in advance by arranging with Bob Rohde. Please give us one week notice if you wish to speak in order that we have time to prepare.

The Board of Directors

Bob Rohde


(206) 715-9082

Jason Williams

Vice President/Architechtural Chair

(206) 755-8437

Dick Nova


(425) 681-6827

Sally Eckert


(206) 604-0465

Jim Ginn



(206) 972-4508

Board Meeting Minutes

No Meeting in Jan 2024

No Meeting in Dec 2022

No Meeting in Feb. 2023

The Budget
Annual Meeting Minutes

Wolf Creek




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