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The Water System

The Wolf Creek Property Owners Association operates a community water system for all connected members.  The system meets the requirements of a Group A Water System set by the Washington Department of Health and is overseen by the WCPOA Board, but run on a day-to-day basis by certified Facilities Manager, Alan Sodell.



Should we experience a power outage, our water system needs to shift into the “conservation” mode, to assure a continued source of water.  Under “conservation” all outside watering should be ceased.  During a power outage, a back-up generator will operate one of our two well pumps, which can meet the demands of inside water use and keep the reservoir full.



The Facilities Manager is a part time, salaried position, but due to the nature of the responsibilities, it can require attention on any day or at any time. Out of respect for Alan and Kris' need for some personal time, we are asking for all member’s cooperation in the following way:  When a need arises to contact Alan, or Kris in his absence, we would prefer you use email, if possible.  If you need a phone conversation, please try to avoid weekends and non-daylight hours.  Likewise, in requesting help that requires our manager to leave home, please observe the same courtesy.  They understand that many of you are second homeowners that are here mostly on the weekends, and are happy to respond if there is an emergency.



Contact information:  Alan Sodell, Facilities Manager

Email address: 

Mobile Phone:            (425) 236-8350

Text address:             (425) 236-8350

                                   Kris Borgias, Water Manager

Email address: 

Phone:                        (509) 740-2390

Text/mobile:                (509) 740-2390

Annual Fees

Each homeowner pays a base $648 annual water system fee with surcharges for average daily use over 500 gallons/day.

Annual Water Quality (Consumer Confidence) Report 
New Connections

Anyone hooking up to the water system for the first time must pay a one-time hook-up fee of $6,480. The hook-up fees are deposited in a capital-improvement fund designated for the water system.

Backflow Prevention
Engineering Reports
Water Meter Vault Insulation

Wolf Creek




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