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New Construction Requirements

New land owners wishing to build must comply with the following requirements:

  • Make a nonrefundable $6480 payment to hook up to the community water system (no private wells are allowed).

  • Alan Sodell must be on site during connection to the main line.

  • All architectural plans and exterior paint choices must be submitted to the architectural review committee for approval prior to construction. Click here for a copy of the Architectural Committee's checklist.  

  • The Architectural Committee is comprised of Jason Williams, Chair (206-200-8986), Bob Rohde (206-715-9082) and Dick Nova (425-681-6827).

  • A refundable $3,200 deposit must be made prior to the start of construction. If the outside of the house is not completed within 18 months of the start of construction, $2000 of the deposit is forfeited.  A fine of $200/month will be assessed for each month after the 18th month that the exterior of the house is not complete. If construction is not completed within 24 months, the fine will increase to $400/month. Once the deposit is exhausted, fines will be billed bimonthly.

  • Please direct requests to

Wolf Creek




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